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We ordered Prodex from Insulation4Less.It was delivered damaged and just dumped by Fed Ex in our driveway - so we didn't have the opportunity to inspect & then refuse the damaged rolls.

Called Jonathan Barber - the president and salesperson of Insulation4Less and he was a complete ***. Rude, condescending and a liar. Stated that our email invoice had tracking info or a "click here" to find out when it was going to be delivered - it did NOT. The email didn't even say it was Fed Ex who was the carrier.

The rolls were just dumped in our driveway - blocking access to our house and garage. Then Barber said that "they include extra in each roll to cover any damage in shipping." Total BS. We had to get our credit card issuer to do a chargeback and then fight through the Denver BBB to get that chargeback to stick. The product may be OK but the hassle of dealing with a company with ZERO customer service is not worth the hassle.


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Was ready to buy 4 $265 rools of prodex.Live in alaska.

Phoned to get delivery chg. Was, with strong rudeness, told "You're not ready to order, goodby. " I said, "Yes I am! Just need to budget in the full delivery price, so need frt chgs." Rude again he said "You're NOT ready to order," and he hung up.

TERRIBLE ATTITUDE, SENDS UP RED FLAGS. Checked R value claims for Prodex. THEIR AD LIES!!! Prodex us MAYBE R 1.


Liars, and a ***.

Castle Rock, Colorado, United States #960815

Happy customers typically don't come to websites called: "PissedConsumer.com." There are hundreds of blog sites, and with the exception of only two sites (appropriately named) our reviews are excellent.Even on this site there are more positive reviews than negative.

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If i ran my business the way they do i would be out of business!" Really? Ask yourself, with all the insulation options available for a consumer, why would this...

And if all his customers continued to spend $15,000 per year as he says he does with us - Why would he go out of business?To see if we're the right fit for you, please visit our About us page.

5 Reasons To Believe In Prodex Total Insulation4Less

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Greer, South Carolina, United States #959698

We have been using this company for 3 years spending over 15k a year. The customer service is terrible! If i ran my business the way they do i would be out of business!


Thank you for speaking up, I was just getting ready to place an order with them .


Customer service is terrible.They are the only game in town and they know it.

We received shipments with missing rolls, damaged rolls at times and they could care less.What a joke!

Wish I could find another company to provide Prodex Insulation.

to Anonymous South Lyon, Michigan, United States #933159

to say that their customer service is terrible is a big under statment Kathy Baber has been les than helpful in dealing with 3 damaged rolls of prodex insulation out of a 6000 sq ft order to compleate my ceiling i have emailed countless times sent phptos and cannot get anyone to call me back or answer their phones .kathy offered 50ft of insulation and some tape as a replacement.

my runs are 60 ft so it would be useless. her last offer was 1 roll. i was really hoping for this to work out well because i still need to do my walls and have 3 friends looking to insulate there barns well it dosent look like they would even concider useing them with ther horrable customer service.

to make things even worse they put this product on sale the same week i bought and wont give me the sale price witch was a $420.00 differance.

to not a happy customer Castle Rock, Colorado, United States #933205

The below email string will demonstrate we offered this person exactly what he initially requested with the exception of granting him a sale pricing he didn't qualify for.As a result of not get a price reduction (he did not qualified for) he has elected to post this negative review.

Please see the email string below and decide for yourself:

On 1/15/15, 1:20 PM, "Ben Zamborowski" wrote:

hello my order # is v27812 i have 1 damaged roll of insulation that needs your attention and also i see you now have this product on sale and i have over paid by around $400 i still have all 4 walls to


Date: Friday, January 16, 2015 at 5:14 AM

customerservice@Insulation4Less.com> wrote: To get a sale price you must order during a sale period. We do not grant special deals to one person that is not extended to all - That would not be fair to all our customers.We are investigating the damaged roll with the shipper. We will contact you promptly upon their reply.

On Jan 16, 2015, at 4:21 PM customerservice@Insulation4Less.com> wrote: … Although all claims to shipper will be declined because you signed that all products were delivered intact, we are going to send you a full 4 ft x 175 roll at our cost.Please email back and state you are satisfied with remedy, and we will execute the roll being sent.


It's impossible to avoid a few of these postings if you have a great deal of success.With over 100,000 of individual annual purchases in a year it's a wonder we have so few of these comments.

Any prospect can email for the Prodex Warranty - one of the strongest in the industry, so we will not spend any further time dignifying these comments. Our "A+" BBB rating testifies to the quality of the insulation and service we provide.

A Better Business Bureau report takes into account the number of customers you have in its rating.You can find real-time customer reviews (people that have actually purchased - people with names) at: http://www.insulation4less.com/ProductRating.aspx?ID=1&Ratenumber=5 Sites such as this allow anonymous competitors any non-customers to hide while posting negative comments.

to Customer-Service-I4L South Lyon, Michigan, United States #933170

if its only a few complaints it sure wouldnt be hard to deal with.and any one can buy a a+++ rateing with the bbb.

and if you spent as much time with the few complaints as you did here defending your repution you would be doing yourself a huge favior. i know its hard to deal with people when there not happy but a phone call to deal with the issue always works better than a generic e-mail.

I own a retail buiness and have to deal with a few unhappy customers a year and true you cant always make everyone happy but you still have to try.

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